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[[Nick catches Dwayne up on the gang's year-long saga to find the missing Earth.]]
Nick: [Wearily] And that brings us to today. While unplanned, you're the first person we've successfully and safely retrieved.
Dwayne: [Surprised] Wow... no wonder you look drained!

Nick: I'm... at my wits' end. I literally have the weight of the world on my shoulders, the fate of the human race in my hands. The only sleep I get is due to utter exhaustion.

Dwayne: You don't have to bear that burden alone. I'm sure Ki and Fooker--
Nick: I've talked to them, yeah, but I don't want to stress Ki out any more than I have in her condition.

Nick: As for everyone else, none of them understand the full complexities of the problem. Unless you have a degree in multi-dimensional physics...
Dwayne: [His mind reeling] OK, OK... I can see why...

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