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[[Dwayne and Nick are having a private conversation, during which Nick vents about the overwhelming stress he's been under to find and restore the frozen Earth.]]
Dwayne: [Being supportive] All that sci-fi stuff aside, you seem to be doing well enough. Everything I've seen so far is well organized and running smoothly.
Nick: [Giving him a weak, ironic smile] It's a pretty convincing illusion, then.

[[As Nick continues, Dwayne's expression falls.]]
Nick: I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I barely understand the science, and I'm considered the expert. I certainly don't have the chops to be in charge, but who else here does?

Nick: [Running a nervous hand through his hair] I feel inadequate and ill-prepared to be what amounts to the sole leader of the human race. Everyone's depending on me to "fix" this, and I barely even know what "this" is.

Nick: [Deflating] I don't DESERVE to be in charge...
Dwayne: [Placing a reassuring hand on Nick's shoulder] I beg to disagree. From where I sit, I can't think of a better man for the job...

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