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[[After Nick catches Dwayne up on everything he's missed in the past year being frozen, Dwayne has just told him that he can't think of a better man for the job of leading the "survivors" to find the missing Earth.]]
Nick: [Defensively] I may be the only one who understands the science, but that doesn't make me qualified to be the leader...
Dwayne: [With a smile] I'm not talking about the science. I'm talking about your leadership skills.

Dwayne: Haven't you noticed that despite Fooker and Ki both having seniority, I promoted you to be the team lead on most of our new projects? That's not because they don't have "the chops".

Dwayne: Both of them are very capable and excel at what they do, and they can be talented leaders when the situation calls for it. You, on the other hand, have a natural talent they both lack.

Dwayne: I've always admired you for your abilities, both technical and organizational Your core weaknesses are a crippling lack of self-confidence and a heaping helping of humility.
[[Nick is overwhelmed by Dwayne's candid vote of confidence.]]

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