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[[Dwayne and Nick both rise from their seats to head to the door.]]
Nick: I'd still feel more comfortable if you took over, but I will say this: I've always tried to lead by following your example.
Dwayne: [Smiling] I can't think of a higher compliment. Thank you.

Nick: You were always there for us, no matter how weird and geeky we were. You were a stabilizing force in a sea of chaos. It's been hard doing this without you for the past year.

Dwayne: We all have our parts to play, Nick. I'm not half the coder you, Ki, or Fooker are, or even the marketing whiz Trudy is. I'm not sure what I can do to help here, but I'll find my place.

Dwayne: [With a dry smile] Heh... you know, with all this alternate universe nonsense, I'll bet "Trudy" must be champing at the bit to return to her home universe...
Nick: [Sheepishly] Um, about that...

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