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[[Nick and Dwayne return to the chamber where the rest of the volunteers are gathered. Everyone turns expectantly as they enter.]]
Nick: [Addressing the group] Heads up, everyone. For those who haven't been formally introduced, this is Dwayne Duncan. He is our former boss at GPF, and he'll be helping us from here on out.

Dwayne: [To the group] I may not be much of a science geek, but I know how to plan and organize, and I'm not above menial labor if that's what it takes to get things done.

[[The GPF staff all respond enthusiastically.]]
Fooker: No need to sweat that, chief.
Dexter: Yeah, we've got all the wacky stuff covered.
Patty: I'm sure we can squeeze you in somewhere.
Trish: Y-you're th-the b-best or-rganizer!
[[Behind them, Ki and Sharon nod their approval.]]

[[Dwayne scratches his chin, then casts a devious glanced toward Trudy.]]
Dwayne: Maybe I should review the ship's fire safety rules, like not lighting matches in supply closets or failing to put in requisitions for new fire extinguishers...
[[Realizing he's hinting that he now knows about her true identity, Trudy cringes.]]

References: Why Trudy cringes at Dwayne's remark: (1) (2)
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