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[[As the group begins to mill about, Dwayne appears to be talking to Victor Glowerhausen when Chris tentatively approaches from the other side.]]
Chris: Mister Duncan? Can I speak to you, if you have a moment...?
Dwayne: Um, sure. I don't think we've met...

Chris: [Sheepishly] We haven't. Christine Anderson, Chris for short. I just wanted to say that your employees are really a credit to your leadership. We'd be lost without them.

[[Dwayne sports a proud smile as she continues.]]
Chris: They've really inspired us--and me personally--to do everything we can to help bring the Earth back. And I know this is kind of forward, but when this is all said and done...

Chris: Do... do you think I might be able to... apply for a job...?
[[Dwayne raises an eyebrow in surprise.]]

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