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[[Nick walks into a cavernous circular room aboard the Grey ship. In the center of the room is a circular pit, and in the center of the pit is a large, glowing hemisphere. Scientist drones buzz around everywhere, working on various tasks. Some sit in the pit operating controls, while others are hard at work repairing equipment. On the opposite side of the room is Planck, who is reading something on a data tablet.]]
Nick: Any word on the latest simulation, Planck?
Planck: It's still running. We should have the results back in a couple more Earth hours.

Nick: [Disappointed] Really? I thought Fibonacci found a way to speed things up...
Planck: He was able to squeeze a few more yotta-FLOPS out of the computer, but the Skaboola ordered us to back off.

Nick: [Rubbing the bridge of his nose in frustration] Sigh... he promised his cooperation...
Planck: [Cringing] Oh, he authorized us to help in any way we can. He also wants us to maintain life support and not fall out of lunar orbit.

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