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[[Nick and Planck continue their conversation in the Grey ship's computer core as other drones continue to work busily around them.]]
Nick: [Disappointed] I knew simulating the physics of reinserting the Earth back into its orbit would be intense, but I thought your advanced holographic processors could handle it.

Planck: If it were a simple n-body problem, this wouldn't be an issue. We're taking a stable system and instantly inserting another body with a specific velocity and trajectory.

Nick: [Annoyed] That's the problem. The system was stable BEFORE the Earth was moved, and it's had a year to fluctuate. We have to get everything back to the way it was.

Nick: [Crestfallen] I'm starting to wonder if this task is even possible...
Planck: [Optimistically] Well, we thought alternate universes were impossible. Do you think you could invent a time machine as well...?

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