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[[Nick balks at Planck's suggestion that he invent a time machine as a solution to the problem bringing back the Earth.]]
Nick: [Angrily] The LAST thing I want to do is introduce time travel into this mess. Trust me, that only makes everything worse.
Planck: [Defensively] I... thought I was making a joke...

Nick: [Handing Planck a data tablet] When the current simulation is complete, compile the results then rerun it for this new set of variables. I thought of a few more wrinkles we may need to account for.

Planck: [Perusing the tablet] Nick... I know you don't want to hear this, but we've been running these simulations for almost a year now, and every time the results turn out the same.

Planck: We can't reinsert an entire planet without upsetting the entire system. Your solar system will destroy itself in a few millennia.
Nick: [Turning away defiantly] Not if I find a way to MAKE it work.

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