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[[Nick leaves the Grey ship's computer core and begins walking through the darkened corridors toward some unknown destination. He thinks to himself as he walks.]]
Nick: [Thinking] It's bad enough I have to worry about whether we'll exceed our "battery" capacity bringing the Earth back, but now THIS? I knew it wouldn't be simple, but...

Nick: [Thinking] Bringing the Earth back will be like dropping a new ball onto a solar-system-sized billiards table. Who knows where it will roll, and what it might hit along the way?

Nick: [Thinking] What's worse is I have no idea how much "support" that Gamester guy is going to give us. If he could give the Earth a little "nudge" to get it into orbit...

[[He approaches another circular doorway. There appears to be a lot of indistinct shouting coming from inside.]]
Nick: [Thinking, annoyed] A commotion in the conference room? NOW what sort of mess do I have to clean up...?

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