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[[Nick's shouts have brought the argument between the "volunteers" and the other "survivors" to a screeching halt. He turns his attention to the GPF staff.]]
Nick: [Barking orders] FOOKER! EXPLANATION!
FOOKER: Cat's outta the bag. Word's out we found the Earth, and somebody spotted Dwayne in the mess hall.

[[Ki and Sharon appear apologetic.]]
Ki: That's our fault. We took him there not long after he was revived.
Sharon: And right before we told him to lay low.
Dwayne: [Trying to be helpful] I'll accept the blame for that, too, if it helps.

[[The non-volunteers seem angrier than ever.]]
Man 1: So you ADMIT to bringing someone back! You'll rescue your friends and leave OUR families out in the cold!
Woman: We demand you bring our loved ones back RIGHT NOW!

[[The volunteers appear ready to escalate.]]
Patty: [Scowling] And where were any of YOU when the volunteers risked life and limb to find the Earth? Why SHOULDN'T we get preferential treatment?
Trish: [Indignant] Y-yeah! W-we EARNED it!

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