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[[Nick first turns his attention back to the GPF "volunteers".]]
Nick: No one is deserving--or GETTING--preferential treatment. We're all in this together, and everyone will have access to the same resources as everyone else.

[[He then turns back to the "non-volunteers".]]
Nick: That said, the volunteers DID stick their necks out where YOU haven't. If you want a say in how things are run, you're welcome to volunteer for a change.

[[The most vocal of the non-volunteers does not seem satisfied.]]
Man 1: [Scowling] Ha! See? They're ALL colluding on this! I TOLD you they're only looking out for each other!
Nick: [Scowling back] No one's colluding on anything! Name one thing that--
[[The argument is interrupted by loud crunching and munching.]]

[[Nick turns, casting a scathing glare behind him. Everyone else turns toward Dexter, who holds a family-sized bag of potato chips. He pauses as he lifts a chip up to his mouth.]]
Dexter: Oops... sorry...

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