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[[Dexter has just interrupted Nick's attempt to broker peace between the "volunteers" and the "non-volunteers" by munching loudly from a bag of potato chips.]]
Nick: [Glaring] Dexter... answer this VERY carefully... WHERE did you get that bag of potato chips?
Dexter: [Sheepishly] I, uh... had the Greys replicate them for me...?

Nick: [Unconvinced] Complete in a bag with a "best by" date one year in the past.
Dexter: [Looking down at the bag] Well, they've been in suspended animation for a year, so I figured they're still fresh...

Nick: [Grinding his teeth] You used the MUTEX to make a SNACK RUN...?
Dexter: [Defensively] We were checking in on Sharon's parents, and they were at the grocery store, so...

Patty: [Interrupting] You stole a bag of chips from a grocery store?!
Dexter: [Shooting back] I didn't STEAL it! I went back to my apartment first to get some cash and left a couple bucks at the checkout counter!

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