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Nick: [Scowling] Dexter, I can't believe you'd be so brazenly selfish and reckless...
Patty: [Sheepishly] Um, if Dex is guilty, I suppose I should be too...

Patty: I brought back a toothbrush and some toothpaste. I couldn't stand using the Greys' "oral sanitizer" any longer.
Trish: I-I g-grabbed a f-few of my f-favorite b-books.

Sharon: [Apologetically] I needed a more comfortable pair of shoes...
Ki: I can barely sleep without Mr. Pookel...
Trudy: [Defensively] I had Sharon bring back my favorite bra.

[[All of the GPFers turn toward Trudy in various states of surprise.]]
Trudy: What? I was beamed into space completely naked! I haven't had decent support for these girls for over a year!

References: Dexter has a history of being selfish and reckless; The human "shower" on the Grey ship; Mr. Pookel; Trudy "beamed into space" naked: (1) (2); Trudy banned from the MUTEX: (1) (2)
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