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Nick: We'll allow a limited number of "status update" missions to check in on friends and family. [Pointing toward Dwayne] Dwayne, I'm putting you in charge of organizing them.
Dwayne: Can do.

Nick: Gather up names and most likely locations from volunteers and non-volunteers alike. There will be no favoritism. Limit it to three slots per "survivor".

[[Behind Nick, we see a picture of the continental United States, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. A dotted line hops from one location to another in a zig-zag pattern.]]
Nick: Use the Greys' computers to help reduce this to the minimum number of trips possible. No need for second checks, since those people aren't going anywhere.

Nick: [Turning to the non-volunteers] Can I entrust you with spreading the word to the other non-volunteers and getting their cooperation?
Man 1: ... All right. I guess that sounds fair.

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