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[[Nick turns his full attention to the "non-volunteers". The woman and one of the men seem receptive to what he has to say, but the man who has been the most vocal seems less enthusiastic.]]
Nick: As for your other complaints, we can only work with the resources we have, and that includes PEOPLE. You can help alleviate that last problem if you VOLUNTEER.

Nick: If you can't or don't want to volunteer, fine. Just stay out of my people's way and let them do their jobs. Don't pester them with questions they can't answer.

Nick: I'll provide status updates when I have them, but not before. This isn't rocket science, and I can't predict the outcomes to things no one has ever done before.

[[He gestures to the GPF crew behind him, who all seem eager to help.]]
Nick: There's still a high probability that none of this will work and everything we've done has been in vain. But our odds improve if we just work together.

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