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[[A narration box reads: "A short while later..." The scene changes. We look down at a still photograph of a woman and two children. The woman smiles as the two children appear to be playing. The younger brother grins as he holds a ball, while his holder sister seems somewhat annoyed with him. A thumb is visible on either side of the picture, implying it is in some sort of frame. Off panel, a voice speaks.]]
Man 1: We took a stab at guessing their locations, based on stuff you told us earlier. When I said this was for you, they jumped right on it.

[[Our view pulls back. We can now see that the picture from the previous panel is displayed on a Grey data tablet, and a hand is holding it. In the background is the vocal male "non-volunteer" from the previous strips. He stands with his arms folded, leaning against the wall. He is also just outside a doorway looking in, and there is a strange glow surrounding the doorway.]]
Man 1: I was there, by the way, when they went... over there. Watched it all on a floaty video screen. It was surreal, but I don't see how they could have faked it.

[[We focus on the man as his expression softens.]]
Man 1: For what it's worth, I saw my folks too. My mother, my sister, my nephew... all accounted for, and all safe. None of those slimy little aliens nearby.

[[The view flips. We now look over the man's shoulder and through the doorway, which we can now see is a cell in the Grey ship's "brig". Victor Brown sits inside, looking down at the picture on on the tablet. For the first time we've ever seen him, his expression appears worried. The first man continues speaking.]]
Man 1: I gotta tell ya, Vic... that Wellington guy, I think he's actually legit. I ain't gonna let them zap me to another universe, but if there's another way I can help out, I think I just might...

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