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[[As Victor Brown continues to stare with concern at the tablet showing a picture of his family, the other man tries to get his attention.]]
Man: Hey, Vic... you OK?
Brown: Yeah, I just... I'm still digesting, that's all.
Man: [Gesturing behind him] Look, I gotta go. I'll come back by in a little while to give you an update.

[[As the man leaves, a voice behind Brown interjects.]]
Voice: You're not going soft on me now, are you, Brown...?
Brown: [Turning sour] O-of course not. I don't know HOW they faked it, but I KNOW these photos aren't real.

[[The voice continues as Brown turns to the back wall of his cell. The voice seems to be coming from a ventilation duct.]]
Voice: Oh, I assure you, they ARE real. Wellington has found the Earth, he's found your family, and now he's making plans to try and return them all to this universe.

[[We switch to the other side of the wall, where Colonel Lionel Barker sits in his own cell, sporting a smirk.]]
Brown: [Speaking through the duct] He's made a believer out of you THAT easily, Barker?
Barker: I trust the testimony of my own eyes. I was there when they brought Duncan back, but me, a "believer"? Hardly...

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