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[[Pi, Planck, and Fred walk through a doorway. Seated on a table on the other side of the room are Persephone and Socrates. As the two groups spot each other, Planck waves to the molds.]]
Persephone: Fred, my darling! And Pi and Planck, our two favorite Greys!
Fred: Hello, Persephone, Socrates. What have you two been up to?

Persephone: I helped Patty, Trish, and Chris catalog some of their "recon" assignments.
Socrates: And I've been scouring the Grey data banks for Earth locations to assist them.

Planck: Look at you two, doing your part! We're going to check in on all those humans in no time!
Socrates: Everything works smoothest when we all work together.

Planck: [Putting his arms around Persephone and Socrates] Just think... an Earth year ago, this wonderful interstellar collaboration would have never been possible...
Pi: [Scowling] So help me, if you start singing that "Kumbaya" song again...

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