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Persephone: How is Nick doing? The last time I spoke to Ki, she seemed very worried about him...
Planck: Not so good. Avogadro and Granger said his stress levels were dangerously high.

Pi: He's overworking himself and not getting enough rest. It doesn't help that he's personally approving every MUTEX mission now.
Socrates: True, but given the circumstances...

Planck: I think what's really stressing him out are the orbital simulations. He's been constantly tweaking the algorithm, but the results are always the same.
Fred: Really? How so?

Planck: Well, he told me not to tell the other humans, but it's bad. Really bad. If only we could get more processing power, maybe we could fine tune--
Pi: [Narrowing his eyes] Hold on a ganadan...

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