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Pi: What do you mean, "get more processing power"? The ship's main computer should have yotta-cycles to spare.
Planck: Not from what I've seen. It's barely able to keep up.

Pi: Nick's algorithm can't be THAT complex. A standard hyperspace navigation plot should be more taxing.
Planck: [Handing over a data tablet] Well, you can see the results for yourself.

Fred: [Peering down from Pi's shoulder at the tablet] Maybe Nick's algorithm isn't optimized for your system. That could bog things down.
Pi: Not from what I've seen. He knows our system better than some of us...

Pi: [Handing the tablet back to Planck] No... I don't see any reason our system couldn't rip through this in a few hundred thousand ganadans. Who's in charge of the core optimizations?
Planck: Fibonacci, I think...

References: "A few hundred thousand ganadans" would be roughly equivalent to "about an hour" based on this conversion factor; Fibonacci: (1) (2)
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