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Persephone: Fibonacci? Isn't he that jumpy little Grey who's always looking over his shoulder...?
Fred: Yeah. If you ask me, he DOES seem a little paranoid.

Planck: [Grinning] That's just because he shares a hibernation pod with us. Waking up next to Pi every cycle is enough to make ANYONE skittish!
Pi: [Scowling] Har, har. Laugh it up, gnarf-brain.

Pi: [Musing aloud] Now that you mention it, Fibonacci HAS been acting a bit weird lately. When we first beamed back to the ship, he was as bland and boring as everyone else.

Pi: Recently, He's been acting a bit more erratic and unpredictable. Less like an interchangeable clone, and more like...
Planck: [Coming to a realization] More like US...

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