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Fred: [To Pi and Planck] That's right. You two are considered aberrant, aren't you? You've been around humans so long, you've been "tainted". Planck was even "revised".
Planck: [Frustrated] Don't remind me...

Pi: Fibonacci is part of the human integration project, so he's had more exposure to humans than the bulk of the crew. Still, he hasn't had as much exposure as we have.

Socrates: True, but the two of you have developed very different personalities, even if you started as clones. It's possible his "divergence" may have led to paranoia... or worse...

Pi: [Turning to leave] Whatever his mental state, he's in charge of tuning the computer core, and it's not running at peak efficiency. It's time we paid him a visit.

References: Planck's "revision": (1) (2); "Human integration project"
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