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[[Pi and Planck walk down a corridor of the Grey ship, presumably heading toward the ship's computer core. Fred is perched on one of Pi's shoulders, while Persephone and Socrates sit on each of Planck's. As they pass, other Greys stare at them blankly.]]
Pi: The computer says that Fibonacci is in the core maintenance bay. That should just be a few turns down these corridors.

Fred: [Looking around] I assumed security would be tighter than this, given we're talking about the ship's central computer. Where are all the guards?
Pi: They aren't needed. It's stricter than you think.

[[They reach a door, where Pi presses a button to open it.]]
Pi: A bio scanner locks all the humans off this deck except for Nick, and even he is limited to where he can go. With only Greys having access, guards are unnecessary.

Socrates: What about us?
Planck: I guess Physarics don't count, since historically your species doesn't quite "get" technology.
Fred: Don't tell them about Socrates hacking "Dancing with the Stars", then...

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