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[[Pi opens the door and steps inside, with Fred perched on his shoulder. Planck is right behind them with Persephone and Socrates perched on either of his shoulders. The room they enter is filled to the brim with alien machinery, making it difficult to maneuver.]]
Fred: Sheesh, this place is cramped. It's hard to move around in here...
Pi: It's bigger than you'd think. It's just packed with conduits and core modules.

Persephone: This'll take forever. We'll never find him in here...
Planck: [Optimistic] Sure we will! Pi has a foolproof way of finding Fibonacci wherever he is!

[[Pi stops, raising his hand to his mouth.]]
Pi: [Shouting] FIBONACCI!
[[There are a series of loud noises in succession: THUNK! CLANG! THUD! From somewhere off-panel comes a painful:]]
Fibonacci: OW!

[[Fibonacci the Grey drone emerges, rubbing his head as if he's injured. He looks sheepishly toward Pi. Pi glares at him with his hands on his hips.]]
Fibonacci: O-oh! P-Pi! I... I didn't see you there...
Planck: [To the Molds] See? What did I tell you...

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