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[[As Planck circles behind Fibonacci, Pi confronts him directly.]]
Pi: [To Fibonacci] Computers don't get "tired". What are you hiding, Fibonacci...?
Fibonacci: [Nervously] H-hiding? M-me? N-nothing, Pi! W-why would I be h-hiding something...?

[[Planck snatches something that Fibonacci has been
hiding behind his back.]]
Planck: [Playfully] For someone who isn't hiding anything, you sure are avoiding letting us see this data tablet! Yoink!
Fibonacci: P-Planck! G-give that back!

[[As Pi, Fred, and Fibonacci watch in the background, Planck steps away to peruse the tablet. Persephone and Socrates read over his shoulder.]]
Planck: Ha! It's his latest core enhancements! Maybe if you'd let us take a look at this code, we can help find out why it's running so slow...
Fibonacci: [Cringing] No, wait... please don't...

[[Planck's expression goes from amusement to puzzlement.]]
Planck: Well, here's the problem. The code jumps into this subroutine and doesn't return until it times out. I wonder why...
Fibonacci: [His cringe worsening] Ooh... I really wish you hadn't read that...

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