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[[Pi takes the data tablet away from Planck.]]
Pi: Give me that. I'll get to the bottom of this seemingly endless subroutine...
Fibonacci: [Nervously] N-no, guys, really. You sh-shouldn't be looking at that. Give it back, please...

[[As Pi examines the tablet, Fred reads over his shoulder. Socrates stretches out his "neck" to take a peek from Planck's shoulder.]]
Pi: [Confused] Nested loops, logarithmic expansions, branching recursive look-ups... this code is complete garbage.
Socrates: I believe the human term for it is "spaghetti code".

[[Pi holds the tablet up so Fred can get a better look.]]
Pi: These aren't "enhancements". This is computer "busy work". This is useless drivel that does nothing but chew up processor time and memory.
[[Planck turns toward Fibonacci and cringes.]]
Fibonacci: Guys, stop. Really...

[[Pi and Planck both turn toward Fibonacci. Pi narrows his eyes and scowls, while Planck looks shocked. The molds all crane their "necks" in his direction as well.]]
Planck: You aren't "optimizing" anything! You're actively sabotaging Nick's algorithm!
Fibonacci: [Cringing] Ooh... I really wish you hadn't said that...

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