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[[Pi, Planck, Fred, Persephone, and Socrates have just learned that the Grey drone Fibonacci has been feeding the ship's computer "busy work" in order to slow down Nick's algorithms. Pi gives Fibonacci a scathing glare, while Planck looks shocked.]]
Fred: You're throttling Nick's algorithm by choking the computer core with useless code!
Persephone: You're actively sabotaging the humans' efforts to find the Earth!
Fibonacci: [Defensively] Oh, no, no, no...

Planck: Buy why? We're supposed to be helping the humans, not hindering them! Why would you do this, Fibonacci?
Fibonacci: I-it wasn't me! I-I didn't want to! I-I swear! H-HE told me to!

Pi: [Narrowing his eyes while scowling] "He" told you to? "He" who?
Fibonacci: [Panicking] D-don't make me say it! H-he told me not to tell! I'll get in trouble!
Fred: You're ALREADY in trouble, buster. Once Nick finds out...

[[A large shadow suddenly darkens the room, looming over them. They all look up. Pi scowls, Planck is horrified, while Fibonacci shrinks sheepishly.]]
Voice: I do not think he will...
Fibonacci: Ooh.. I REALLY wish he hadn't said that...

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