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[[Our view flips. We now look over the little drones' heads and out a newly opened door. Filling most of the doorway in partial silhouette is the Great Skaboola, wearing a rather satisfied smirk. Behind him are warrior drones Bohr and Boltzmann.]]
Planck: [Surprised] Great Skaboola! What are YOU doing down here?
Fred: Oh, for crying out loud... that part should be obvious, Planck...

[[We close in on Fred and Pi, the latter of which scowls angrily.]]
Fred: HE'S the one who ordered Fibonacci to throttle Nick's algorithm!
Pi: That makes sense. Who ELSE could order him to do something he couldn't refuse to obey.

[[We pull back to see all three scientist Greys, as well as Socrates and Persephone on Planck's shoulders. Fibonacci cowers in fear.]]
Planck: [Shocked] But that doesn't answer WHY! What do we gain by hindering the humans' efforts to bring back their planet?

[[The Skaboola leans down, looming over the little drones. As he leans closer, they in turn lean back, almost to the point of tipping over.]]
Great Skaboola: The answer is simple, #6626068: everything. We stand to gain EVERYTHING.

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