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Planck: I don't understand... how do we "gain everything" by preventing the humans from getting home...?
Great Skaboola: It is not required for you to understand, #6626068.

Great Skaboola: All that is required is that the "malfunction" in Wellington's algorithm remains, and that it cannot be found. He must continue to believe his code is faulty.

Socrates: Well, that's never going to happen! We're going to tell him right away!
Fibonacci: [Cringing] Ooh.. I really wish you hadn't--
Pi: [Shouting] STOP SAYING THAT!

[[Behind the Great Skaboola, warrior drones Bohr and Boltzmann raise their weapons and level them at the smaller drones and slime molds.]]
Great Skaboola: [With a wicked smile] No, I do not think you will be relaying that information... any of you...

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