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[[It is presumably at least several seconds later. In the foreground, Pi and Fibonacci appear to be fleeing toward the viewer, while Planck has tripped and fallen flat on his face. Fred, Socrates, and Persephone appear to be doing their best to cling to Pi and Planck. However, all six of them are frozen in place, as if we are seeing a snapshot in time. Behind them, the Great Skaboola hovers in his flying chair, steepling his fingers with a wicked smile. Warrior drones Bohr and Boltzmann stand behind him.]]
Great Skaboola: Ah, the inertial variance gun. A most effective non-lethal weapon. I understand one or two of you have prior experience with it.

[[The Skaboola hovers closer to Pi and Fred, who are still frozen and unable to move. Pi scowls.]]
Great Skaboola: It would be both inconvenient and undesirable to dispose of you more permanently. You each may prove... USEFUL in the future.

[[The Skaboola pulls back and his face falls into a deep frown.]]
Great Skaboola: But you cannot be allowed to communicate your findings to Wellington. This is paramount. He must remain ignorant until our current operations are complete.

[[He begins hovering down the hall, away from the core maintenance bay.]]
Great Skaboola: #529177210 and #1380649, discreetly transport these six to somewhere they can be quietly detained. They might be held there... indefinitely...

References: Inertial variance gun; Bohr (#529177210) and Boltzmann (#1380649)
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