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[[Patty and Chris walk down a corridor on the Grey ship.]]
Patty: Thanks for agreeing to have lunch with me, Chris.
Chris: [Smiling broadly] No problem, Patty. Anything for a friend.

Chris: I would have volunteered sooner, but I thought you were having lunch with Dex.
Patty: [Looking away] Not today. We've got a dinner date, though. We'll have lunch again tomorrow... I think.

Chris: [Confused] You think?
Patty: Uh... yeah. Let's just say it's a matter of logistics.
Chris: I'm not sure I follow...

[[They approach the ship's galley. Walking through the doorway are Dexter and Trish, who seem to be rather contented. Patty's eyes narrow, which Chris notices.]]
Chris: Oh, I see... logistics...

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