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[[Dexter and Trish seem surprised to run into Patty and Chris. Dex in particular looks like he's about to get into trouble. Patty, however, seems fairly neutral.]]
Dexter: Oh, uh, Patty! Chris! Funny running into you two here...
Patty: It's OK, Dex. You two had lunch scheduled for today. I assume it went well...?

Trish: [Breaking into a smile] Y-yes! W-we had a l-lovely c-conversation! D-Dex sh-shared a few of his s-story ideas w-with me!
Patty: That's good to hear. Dex, are we still on for dinner?

Dexter: [Relaxing and cracking a smile] Sure! I talked with Joule and he said he'd prep some food cubes that we can take to the observation lounge.
[[Patty actually brightens and smiles.]]
Trish: [Growing concerned] Th-the o-observation l-lounge?

[[Patty looks slightly irritated, while Dex looks worried. Chris also seems concerned now.]]
Patty: Let me guess... you were planning to go to the observation lounge TOMORROW night...
Chris: I'm beginning to think you three need a secretary. Not that I'm volunteering...

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