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Chris: Last I heard, this "sharing Dexter" thing was going pretty well.
Patty: It has... for the most part. It's when we run into... um...
Trish: S-scheduling c-conflicts.

Trish: W-we d-don't mean to. B-but it's a s-small ship, and th-there's only s-so much to do...
Patty: And with all the scouting trips, none of us have much free time as it is.

Patty: So we have to organize times and places, check in with each other and check out...
Dexter: [Annoyed] I'm right here, you know. You're starting to make me sound like a library book.

[[Gabrielle, one of the female human volunteers walks out of the mess hall and past the group.]]
Patty: Not a bad idea. Hey, Gabrielle! The lending library is open! What to check Dex out?
Gabrielle: [Confused] Er, no thanks...
Dexter: [Grumbling] Very funny...

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