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[[Patty gestures with her thumb to the open door to the mess hall behind her.]]
Patty: Look, we'll talk about which date locations to avoid later. Right now, Chris and I have to grab some lunch before all the food cubes are gone.

Dexter: [Growing excited] Ooh, you should try the new "chicken salad sandwich" cubes! They taste almost, sort of, kinda like a facsimile of the real thing!
Chris: [Unenthused] What a ringing endorsement.

Patty: [Resigned] Just... tell us what color they are. That's the only way I can tell them apart.
Trish: Th-they're s-sort of g-grayish white...
Dexter: Eh, I'd say they're more of a light beige or eggshell...

Dexter: [Brightening] Oh! Alabaster! Yeah, I'd say it was alabaster...
Patty: [Turning back toward the doorway, annoyed] Oh for crying out... just come with us back into the mess hall and point them out.
[[Trish and Chris share a glance. Trish seems concerned over Dexter and Patty's bickering, while Chris seems amused.]]

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