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[[The quartet makes their way through the round doorway and into the area beyond, with Chris in the lead and Dexter in the rear.]]
Dexter: Honestly, it's not that hard to tell them apart... unless you also get a "vanilla ice cream" cube from the dessert table...
Patty: [Slightly annoyed] Dex, just give it a rest...
[[Chris seems amused by their banter.]]

Trish: [To Patty] I-I j-just stick to the "s-salad" c-cubes. Th-they're always g-green...
Patty: So are half the "vegetables"...
[[Chris stops short, looking past the reader with a shocked look on her face.]]
Dexter: Chris, what's the hold up?

[[Our view pulls back to reveal a double-wide panel. The quartet stands just outside the round doorway of a bar and grill, standing on the sidewalk of an abandoned city street. The area is a total mess. Nearby are upended dumpsters and trash cans, an overturned and totaled car, and a fallen street lamp. Buildings across the street are heavily damaged, with smashed windows and cracked facades. Our heroes stand agape at the strange devastation surrounding them.]]
Chris: Um, guys... where did the mess hall go...?
Patty: Mess hall? Where's the rest of the ship?!

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