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[[Dexter has engulfed Chris, Patty, and Trish into a massive bear hug in a vain attempt to shield them from the falling debris about to crush them all. The three women seem more in danger of being smothered by Dex than being buried. And yet, even as they all brace for the inevitable blow... nothing happens.]]
Patty: [From somewhere within Dex's massive arms] Not that I'm complaining, but... isn't this the part with the loud crash where we all die...?

[[They look up tentatively. Above them, the deadly debris hovers suspended overhead, surrounded by a faint glow.]]
Dexter: [In disbelief] The rubble is just... hovering above us...
Chris: [Equally shocked] Floating in midair? But... how?

[[They are distracted by a voice off-panel.]]
Voice: Oh, sorry! That would be me! Hang on just a sec...
[[Dex slowly relaxes, and the girls try to detangle themselves.]]
Patty: [Mildly annoyed] Dex, if you could unwrap us, please...

[[Our view follows theirs as they look for the source of the voice. Standing several feet a way is a young preteen girl, perhaps around twelve years old. She wears a form-fitting body suit, a leather jacket, and dark gloves. She is surrounded by glowing energy, and her shoulder-length, light brown hair seems to be floating behind her as if weightless. She sports a broad grin, and raises her hand to give them a nervous wave.]]
Chris: OK, it's... a glowy little girl...?
Girl: [Cheerfully] Hi! I'm May! I'll be your superhero for today!

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