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[[Dexter, Patty, Trish, and Chris watch in amazement as the young girl "May" clears away the rubble that nearly crushed them. Simply by looking at the debris, she moves it over into the nearby empty adjacent street, stacking it as neatly as she can.]]
May: There. out of the way. That is, unless someone tries to come down that street...
Chris: [Baffled] But... you just... how did...?

Dexter: [Breaking into an enthusiastic smile] Wait! You have telekinesis, don't you?! You can move things with your mind!
May: [With a huge enthusiastic grin] I know! Isn't it the coolest? It's, like, the most awesome-est super power ever!

Dexter: [His expression turns to confusion] I have a billion and one questions I want to ask right now...
Patty: [Annoyed] All of which can wait. You can nerd-out later. Right now, we need to find out where we are.

[[Young May turns very serious.]]
May: I can answer that: somewhere that isn't safe. You should come with me. I'll protect you. Then maybe my sister Auggie can answer your questions.

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