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[[Patty, Trish, Chris, and Dexter have been introduced to resident superheroes the James Sisters: August, June, April, and May.]]
Trish: [Thinking to herself] "August James"? Why does that name sound familiar...?
August: What are you four doing around here? I thought this area had been evacuated...

Patty: It's a long story. We're... not exactly from around here. But what happened? This place is a disaster area!

August: Like you said, long story. You probably wouldn't believe it even if we told you.
Dexter: I don't know... you'd be surprised by some of the stuff we've seen.

June: None of this is particularly relevant. This area isn't safe. We need to get you out of here.
April: Unless you people wanna, you know, get eaten by bugs from another dimension...

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