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Chris: [Surprised] Bugs from another dimension?
August James: [Sternly] Look, we don't have much time. Another swarm could arrive at any moment. We can explain once we get you four to a safe location.

Dexter: I'm not sure we should get too far away from where we arrived. That might make getting back even harder.
April James: [Irritated] Don't care, doesn't matter. You people are coming with us.

June James: [With an apologetic smile] If you'll forgive April's rudeness, we can discuss helping you get back to wherever you came from AFTER we've ensured your safety. That should remain paramount.
[[May James turns to her sister April and playfully sticks out her tongue. April scowls.]]

Trish: [Suddenly brightening] W-wait! A-August J-James! Th-that's it! D-does the n-name N-Nick W-Wellington sound f-familiar?
August: [With surprised recognition] Wellington? A little TOO familiar. We might have a lot to discuss...

References: August James
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