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[[In a flash of light, eight people--Dexter, Patty, Trish, Chris, and the four James sisters--are transported away from the ruined street and inside an empty warehouse. June James holds her hand over her head as a portal-like energy dissipates around them. The others look around in various states of uncertainty, surveying their new surroundings.]]
June: This warehouse seems structurally sound, and conveniently out of the danger zone. This should be safe enough for us to compare notes.

Patty: [Cocking an amused eyebrow] It must be convenient being able to teleport anywhere you want...
June: [A bit smugly] Technically, it's an instantaneous Einstein-Rosen bridge between two points in space-time, but...

[[June's younger sister, April, rolls her eyes sarcastically.]]
April: Leave it to Nerd Girl to bore us with her ten dollar words...
June: [Irritated] My apologies. Next time, I'll constrain myself to your monosyllabic vernacular...
[[The youngest James sister, May, levitates herself behind them.]]
May: [Angrily] Hey! Stop fighting, you two!

[[The eldest James sister, August, is clearly frustrated with her siblings' antics.]]
August: Sigh... that's enough, both of you. We're on a job here...
[[Chris sidles up to August with a sheepish, flirty smile.]]
Chris: Ah, sibling rivalry. Can't live with 'em, can't sell their action figures on the school yard black market, am I right?
[[Patty cocks another amused eyebrow, this time at Chris.]]

References: Einstein–Rosen bridge; Chris mentions her brother: (1) (2) (3)
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