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Patty: [Shocked] Hold on... ANOTHER Nick?
Dexter: [Worried] PLEASE tell me it's not Nega-Nick from the "Negaverse"...
Chris: [Confused] Wait... what's this about a "negaverse"...?

August James: No, I'm thinking about the Nick Wellington from OUR universe, but I assume YOUR Nick is the one the Gamester singled out for some inter-dimensional "crisis" a while back.
[[The other James sisters share a confused glance. April shrugs.]]

[[Chris, Trish, Dexter, and Patty all turn to glance at each other.]]
Patty: Actually, that "crisis" is part of why we're here.
Dexter: And I seem to remember Nick and Fooker talking about some "gamester" a while back too, and something about other Nicks.

Patty: [To August] In fact, finding YOUR Nick might be our only way home.
August: [Smiling] How convenient. We were in the middle of doing just that.
Chris: I am SO confused right now...

References: Nega-Nick and the "Negaverse"; "Inter-dimensional 'crisis'"; Chris refers to "Nick's inner circle" and Dexter's "multiple concentric circles", which might explain why Chris doesn't know about the "Negaverse" (yet)
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