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May James: [Surprised] So he WAS telling the truth about alternate universes?
April James: [Surprised] We thought he was just looney tunes.
August: James: [With a smirk] You thought I was crazy when I told you I've been to another universe.

Dexter: But that means you've actually met this Earth's Nick...
August: Briefly. Unfortunately, I didn't make the connection at the time to the guy I met in the Gamester's realm.

August: We responded to a "bug" attack on the East Coast and he was there, trying to warn people about the next invasion. But we didn't know who he was or why he was there.

June James: Soon after, he just vanished. Just about everyone is looking for him now.
April: Probably went underground. Off the grid. Keepin' it low to avoid getting sniped or somethin'.

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