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June James: He's not TOTALLY off the grid. He keeps posting his predictions on the 'Net, but no one's been able to track from where. His IP address keeps changing, even to other countries.

Dexter: If he's anything like OUR Nick, he'd know how to tunnel his traffic through a chain of servers to hide his real location.
April James: [To her sister June, with a smirk] These geeks are starting to sound like you.
[[June gives April an icy glare. May James watches the exchange with pained disappointment.]]

August James: [To Dex, Patty, Trish, and Chris] Do you think you'd be able to decipher his location?
Patty: Possibly. We might have a better guess than anyone else. Thing is...

Patty: How do we know YOU'RE not one of the ones out to get him...?
May: [Cheerfully] We're superheroes! We just wanna help!
June: And if we can get him to trust us, other lives can be saved.
[[The other James Sisters strike a confident, heroic pose and give our heroes reassuring smiles.]]

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