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[[A narration box reads: "Several teleport hops later..." The James Sisters, Dexter, Patty, Trish, and Chris climb unceremoniously over a small hill. They are all soaking wet and wear miserable expressions. Behind them stands a cityscape in silhouette against a darkening sky.]]
June James: I SAID I'd get us in the ballpark. If I've never been somewhere before, it's not an exact science...
April James: [Sarcastically] Good thing the river broke our fall...

Patty: Well, Dex? This is all on you. None of us have a clue where we're going.
Dexter: [Pointing off panel] It's not far. In fact, we're practically there.

[[Dexter leads the group to a dilapidated building. A large strip of tape that reads "CONDEMNED" stretches across the back fire door. A large sign turned face down leans against the side of the building. Trash and litter is strewn everywhere.]]
August James: A burnt-out abandoned old building? What in the world makes you think he'd be here?
Dexter: This isn't just ANY burnt-out old building...

[[Dexter lifts up the sign so the text is now visible. It reads: "GPF Software, Dwayne Duncan, President".]]
Dexter: [Smiling] It's OUR burnt-out old building... or well, I guess, TECHNICALLY it was Dwayne's...
[[Patty is shocked to see the sign.]]

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