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[[Dexter opens the door to the abandoned building and gestures inside. August James pulls out a small flashlight and gives the entrance a quick once-over. Chris peeks around the door jam next to August.]]
Dexter: This was GPF Software's first home. I worked here once as a contractor, before Trudy burned it down and we moved.
Chris: [Shocked] Wait, Trudy did WHAT now?

[[The James Sisters, Dexter, Patty, Trish, and Chris enter the ruined building. There is fire and water damage everywhere. They all look around suspiciously except for Dexter.]]
Dexter: The insurance money didn't cover the cost of repairs, but it did pay for the move to the new location. Dwayne's been trying unsuccessfully to sell the old lot ever since.

[[Dexter leads the group to a closed door marked "Server Room". He begins to open it.]]
Dexter: I wasn't sure how much shared history our two universes have, but I know if I needed somewhere to lay low, and if I had Nick's Inventor's Gene skills...

[[Our view shifts to the other side of the door. Dexter and August James stand in the doorway, looking in.]]
Dexter: I'm pretty sure I could get the power and WAN working in this place and no one would think to look for me here...
[[A lone figure stands on the far side of the room, startled by the newcomers. We cannot see his face, but he wears large round glasses and a collared shirt, has black hair, and prominent freckles on his cheek.]]
Figure: W-who's there...?

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