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[[Standing on the opposite side of the server room from the door is a man that looks suspiciously like Nick, only drawn a bit more realistically. He still has Nick's opaque glasses as well as his freckles, but his hair and cheeks have more definition, and his visible mouth is drawn into a grimace. He is clearly agitated at being discovered. He is also disheveled; his hair is an unkempt mess, and part of his button-up shirt is tucked in while the rest is untucked and rumbled.]]
August James: Mr. Wellington? It's the James Sisters. We've met before...
Nick: [Scowling and in mild frenzy] And you managed to track me down? Who sent you? The government? Which one?

June James: We're not from any government. We just need your help to stop the "bugs".
Nick: [Clearly agitated] SURE you do. No one ELSE seems interested in that, except the spies and assassins!

Nick: "He seems to know where the 'bugs' come from! That must mean he's connected t them somehow!" Well, I don't control them, no matter what everyone keeps saying!

Patty: [Calmly] We don't think you control them, Nick. But we think you can help us stop them.
Nick: Like I'd believe a bunch of strange people who conveniently know how to track me down!

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