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Trish: [Disappointed] H-he d-doesn't r-recognize us...
Patty: It's possible he's never met our counterparts in this universe...
Dexter: [Determined] Well, I know one person he's probably met...

Dexter: [Enthusiastically to the alternate Nick] Look, Nick! It's me! Dexter J. Smith! Remember me? Dwayne hired me as a contractor once...
Nick: [Confused] Smith?
Dexter: Yeah! Remember? Code-A-Holics Anonymous?

Nick: [Angrily] Oh, I remember. You tried to steal my girlfriend away from me, then threw out all her stuff and replaced them with your stupid "gifts". She was mad at you for WEEKS.
[[Dexter is taken aback by the confrontation.]]

Dexter: [Sheepishly to the group] Uh, yeah. We didn't get off to a very good start, but it got better...
Nick: [Scrutinizing Dexter] You look... different. Like, "low definition". Like a bad cartoonist's poor caricature...

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