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June James: [Standing next to her sisters] Mr. Wellington, please! We're not out to "get" you. We just want to save lives. If you know of a way to stop the "bugs", PLEASE tell us. Right now, you're out only hope.

Nick: [Exasperated] Stop them? I... I don't know. I figured out how to predict where they'll appear, but stopping them...? I... well, I have a theory, but... I-I don't know...

[[As Patty speaks, Dexter, Trish, and Chris all give Nick an encouraging smile.]]
Patty: What if we told you that this Dexter J. Smith, like us, is from another universe. We know a different Nick Wellington, one who's saved the world twice with his inventions.

Patty: If there's anyone who could help, it's him. But he's not here. We've got the next best thing: you. If anyone can stop the "bugs" and get us home, it HAS to be you.
[[The alternate Nick seems sympathetic, if uncertain.]]

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