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[[The alternate universe Nick continues to give a brief history, leading up to his theories on how to stop the inter-dimensional "bugs".]]
Nick: My old boss and my best friend were sent off to prison, my girlfriend's been missing for years, and I've been on my own ever since. So I poured myself into my work.

Nick: But I can't hold onto a job. My last one only lasted six weeks. When I could no longer pay rent, I moved in here, siphoning power and Internet access from the neighbors.

Nick: [Placing his hands on his head in frustration] I couldn't stop thinking about my ideas. It's like they come to me unbidden, overwhelming me. Free-energy devices, virtual reality machines, alternate universes...

Nick: [Hanging his head] They flood my brain like a burst dam, washing over me, but I don't have the resources to experiment with. So I started modeling them in the computer. That's when everything changed.

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